Trimble Novapoint Water and Sewer (WS) helps you design WS projects as well in plan and longitudinal profile as in cross sections, simple manhole sketches and 3D.

This Novapoint application is easy to use and it gives both efficiency and joy to your working-day. Novapoint WS is founded on a configuration based on local standards. If you know how to use AutoCAD – then using Novapoint WS is easy. The module is adapted to common working methods for manufacturing of water and sewage projects - you won’t have to change your good working habits!

  • Templates based on local standards
  • Design in plan and longitudinal profile
  • Water & Sewer trench design
  • Import / Export to several digital format as: LandXML,
  • 3D reference line, KOF, SOSI, Leica, Trimble…
  • Connection to Road and Rail model and other alignment in the model
  • Drawing, reports production and survey data
  • 3D WS Product library
  • 3D visualisations
  • Manhole drawing

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