Business Development

BIM (Building Information Modelling) for infrastructure is in fact also a management tool. By using BIM technology and methodology it helps you get control of the whole life-cycle process of infrastructure projects – starting from planning, moving into design and construction, and ending up in the operation and maintenance phase. BIM may therefore also be called Building Information Management.

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Software Consultancy

For nearly 30 years we have had a strong focus on data exchange, data sharing, data flow and data reuse across disciplines and throughout the whole lifecycle of infrastructure projects. Starting from planning, design, construction and ending up in maintenance. The effect of this is more efficient and secure solutions, in benefit for the whole society.

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Professional Consultancy Services

The business benefits of BIM can be reached more quickly and economically. Our consulting experts can guide organizations achieve strategic goals and attain a competitive advantage.

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Heidi Berg
Heidi Berg
Business Development Manager Norway
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Patrick McGloin
Solution Sales Manager Civil Design EU