Trimble Quadri is the unique cloud-based model collaboration platform for infrastructure BIM projects.

Quadri BIM Server

Trimble Quadri is a cloud-based BIM server and collaboration solution, enabling all infrastructure disciplines to share a central project model – facilitating tight teamwork between planners, designers, contractors and project owner. Quadri is the key to reaching BIM Maturity Level 3, including support for open formats like LandXML, GML and IFC.

Quadri provides a standardized, multi-discipline and concurrent work environment. Using Trimble Novapoint Base, the project members share model tasks, objects and files in a standardized way, hence substantially increasing productivity and quality. The shared model is based on the ISO 19100 set of standards (incl. GML), providing an open sustainable model  delivery – easily adaptable to contractual terms and national industry requirements. Quadri is designed to handle large and complex geographical models, taking advantage of intelligent objects with advanced 3D geometries and properties. Such as 2D/3D surfaces, point clouds, volumes, constructed lines, etc. Being cloud-based the Quadri BIM model is secure and accessible from anywhere – at any time.

Quadri Easy Access


Trimble Quadri Easy Access – an additional web service – makes the BIM model and the work process always available – via your PC, Mac, tablet or smart-phone. The web portal facilitates a standard way to communicate model issues, and allows project owners, project managers, contractors and others who need insight – to easily monitor and manage BIM projects. Quadri Easy Access is utmost efficient and easy to use, providing full control of the project – from the very start, and through the whole lifecycle of the infrastructure.

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Heidi Berg
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Patrick McGloin
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