Trimble Quadri is the unique cloud-based collaboration platform for infrastructure projects.

Quadri BIM Server

Trimble Quadri is a cloud-based BIM server and collaboration solution, enabling all infrastructure disciplines to share a central project model – facilitating tight teamwork between planners, designers, contractors and project owner. Quadri is the key to reaching BIM Maturity Level 3, including support for open formats like LandXML, GML and IFC.

Quadri provides a standardized, multi-discipline and concurrent work environment. Using Trimble Novapoint Base, the project members share model tasks, objects and files in a standardized way, hence substantially increasing productivity and quality. The shared model is based on the ISO 19100 set of standards (incl. GML), providing an open sustainable model  delivery – easily adaptable to contractual terms and national industry requirements. Quadri is designed to handle large and complex geographical models, taking advantage of intelligent objects with advanced 3D geometries and properties. Such as 2D/3D surfaces, point clouds, volumes, constructed lines, etc. Being cloud-based the Quadri BIM model is secure and accessible from anywhere – at any time.

Quadri Easy Access


Trimble Quadri Easy Access – an additional web service – makes the BIM model and the work process always available – via your PC, Mac, tablet or smart-phone. The web portal facilitates a standard way to communicate model issues, and allows project owners, project managers, contractors and others who need insight – to easily monitor and manage BIM projects. Quadri Easy Access is utmost efficient and easy to use, providing full control of the project – from the very start, and through the whole lifecycle of the infrastructure.

What users are saying about Quadri:


Many benefits
«Based on the lessons learned from the Joint E6-Dovrebanen Project and others, we strongly believe that this way of carrying out the InterCity project lead to substantial gains. Detail engineering using 3D and BIM leads to fewer interdisciplinary conflicts in the design phase. Consequently also significantly fewer mistakes and rework on the construction site. The 3D model will be reused and exploited in all phases, including by the contractors. The goal is that the efficiency will lead to substantial savings and better quality in all areas.»

Kristin Lysebo, Norwegian Rail Administration


Valuable visualization
«Multidiscipline engineering in this way is actually a lot of fun and very useful. You see the project visually holistic, and you continuously see all changes being made, which is not easy if you're not working in the same model. The joint Quadri model makes it easier to visually control interdisciplinary details and to see how things reside in relation to each other. A much more efficient and secure way of working in large projects.»

Elisabeth Schilvold, The City of Oslo


Discovers interdisciplinary errors

«Interdisciplinary the BIM tools also provide a quicker way to detect design conflicts. The threshold for self-controlling is much lower since the 3D view in Quadri is simple and continuous. You discover conflicts significantly faster, and it becomes easier to bring them up. Moreover, when correcting something, you see right away if it gets right.»

Christian Thorstensen, Rambøll


Very positive experience

«Having several designers from different disciplines sharing and working together with a common model, you get a very solid condition for developing a good road plan. By assembling all discipline data into one single project model, we are able to visualize and assess different alternatives, and take into account respective advantages and disadvantages. It is extremely valuable to see the design in 3D, directly in the Quadri model. You detect errors and design conflicts more or less instantly. Consequently we can find good solutions earlier in the design process, helping to increase the efficiency and quality of the project. The collaboration platform works very well indeed.»

Arthur Thuman, ÅF


Saves a lot of time
«Quadri enables several engineers to work on the same project at the same time, with a joint project model. In this collaboration model all discipline models are kept up to date and are visible to everyone. This makes interdisciplinary collaboration much easier. In Quadri we have all the functions we need for interdisciplinary control. This is a great advantage, especially when several different companies work together on the same project. The efficient data flow saves us a lot of time.»

Erlend Sand, COWI


Continuous improvement
«We can now work together without being afraid of the model becoming corrupt or files being overwritten. Everyone has access to the same data. Quadri has really proved to be a good collaboration platform. Frequent software updates have made the functionality constantly better. Trimble has made great progress in a relatively short time. They work intensively with improvements and new developments.»

Joachim Salomonsen, Asplan Viak


Facilitates communication

«Turnkey contracts have become more and more common, requiring close collaboration between the project partners from the very beginning. Engineering and construction is being done more or less in parallel. The BIM model facilitates quality communication between the project members throughout the whole process. You obtain a closer and qualitatively more confident collaboration between the players. The design model makes it much easier for us to get access to construction data and drawings in order to get the construction process progressing well. It is imperative for a turnkey contract to have such a close collaboration.»

Daniel Ring, NCC


Confident design
«Everything becomes readily accessible and clear to all parties. When you sit there and design, it's a great advantage to see all the relevant disciplines in 3D, twist and turn the model – and for example see that two roads that are supposed to meet, really do that at the detail level. You get more confident that your design is correct this way.»

Johan Malmström, Kreera

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