Novapoint Railway takes you through the entirety of your design project, from the initial stages, through all of the relevant steps and onto the construction phase. Combining the powerful geometry and modelling tools with the knowledge of the railway designers, it makes Novapoint Railway a highly efficient and user-friendly design concept.

Everything in one single model

"Novapoint's various discipline applications to design both road, rail, terrain and water/sewer, and by assembling everything in one single Quadri project model, we get a much better design basis compared to traditional 2D drawings and model files" - Read more 

Tobias Johansson, ÅF Infrastructure AB

Professional Software Design Tool for Railway

This is a professional tool for high and normal speed railway lines, metro, light rail and also tramway design. Discover the advantage of combining and sharing data between civil engineering fields, such as having crossing roads, bridges, stations and parking areas in the same model, combined with noise calculation and visualisation of the entire project.

  • Efficient tools for designing rail projects
  • Design tools for switches and platform edges
  • Rehabilitating and optimizing existing tracks
  • Advanced track design in 3D
  • Calculation of cross sections
  • Drawing presentation tools

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