Trimble Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox is the package that Geotechnical engineers need for design, engineering, drawing production and 3D modelling – all this can be handled in a full collaboration model with full BIM in Novapoint Base and Quadri. With these platforms the geotechnics moves into a seamless world where data can be shared, wherever in the world you are.

  • Full management of boreholes – input, editing and drawing production.
  • 3D modelling
  • Lime cement columns – automated positioning, quantity lists
  • Landslide, Settlement, Pile group, Sheet pile analysis

Trimble Novapoint GeoSuite Toolbox include:


Trimble Novapoint GS Archive is the base module for organizing and starting of the design and calculation tools for the geotechnical user. The Archive is used to create new archives, projects and starting different tools. Sampling and evaluation of data is easy and efficient. Organizing data within archives and projects gives the designer perfect overview of existing data and status of the projects.


Trimble Novapoint GS pile group is a powerful tool to perform analysis and design of 3D pile groups. The interaction between piles with various cross sections and design parameters may be simulated using different soil models. Pile group effects and second order moments are accounted for. Loads may be applied either at the pile centre or on the pile structure at given depth along the pile. The structure resting on the pile system can be included such that a complete soil/pile/structure interaction analysis is performed.


Trimble Novapoint GS presentation is the central component of the GS Toolbox. The basis of all geotechnical activities is to perform investigations of soil properties. These investigations are presented as sounding diagrams – single boreholes, plan view or cross sections and profiles. GS Presentation has well suited functions for data administration and presentation.


Trimble Novapoint GS Settlement is an easy-to-use calculation tool for predicting future settlements in soil due to loads or/and pore pressure changes. Different non-linear soil models may be used, with the possibility to take time dependent creep effects into account. The input data and results are verified in both tabular form and in a graphical view.


Novapoint GS Stability is a powerful tool for stability calculations, using cross sections as templates to ensure safe and rapid modelling of the soil geometry. Profiles for modelling of undrained shear strength and pore water pressure, gives powerful abilities to simulate any state in the soil. Enhanced input data control effectively reduces the risk of corrupted models. Different solution methods are supported. In addition to the graphical presentation of the results, a comprehensive report may be selected.

Supported Excavation

Novapoint GS Support Excavation is a powerful tool to perform analysis of the phases of a supported excavation. With a 1D finite element calculation engine the interaction between a sheet pile and a multi layered soil is simulated. Four different soil models can be used freely throughout the soil layer profile. The input data and results are verified in both tabular form and in a native graphical window.

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