Trimble Novapoint Infrastructure Design Suite (IDS) is a bundled BIM for infrastructure package that combines the industry's most comprehensive, multi-discipline and model-based toolset for infrastructure design.


Novapoint Infrastructure Design Suite will help users gain increased efficiency and control, shorter design and construction cycles – and life cycle model sustainability! Plus substantial software savings!


  • an integrated design package
  • of market-leading, multi-discipline applications
  • superior visualization
  • unique model collaboration
  • prepared for BIM Level 3
  • life-cycle model sustainability
  • flexible and predictable costs
  • access any project in the world with your personal licence
  • at a competitive price!

The package includes:

Trimble Novapoint Infrastructure Design Suite includes a host of market leading discipline design applications (country specific), based on Trimble's BIM modelling platform Novapoint:

  Nor Swe Den Fin Bel Fra Esp UK
Novapoint Road (incl. Noise) X X X X X X X X
Novapoint Water and Sewer X X X X X X    
Novapoint Landscape X X X X   X    
Novapoint Tunnel Design (only 3D Modeling) X X            
Novapoint Bridge Design X X X X X X   X
Novapoint Road Marking X X X X X X   X
Novapoint Road Sign (Standard) X X X X X X    
Novapoint Terrain X X X X X X    
Quadri** X X X X X X X X

* Novapoint Infrastructure Design Suite require connection to AutoCAD.

** Each Novapoint design module collaborates by sharing and receiving information from Quadri, Trimble`s common data environment platform

Note: The licence system for Novapoint Infrastructure Design Suite named user license. The administration of named user licence is handled by Trimble ID. The named user can be changed an unlimited number of times, however there is a 7 day quarantine before a named user can be reactivated.  

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