Trimble support team are specialist with engineering background and many years of experience with Trimble Novapoint and Trimble Quadri and related software systems.

We help you to succeed!

The support services are open workdays between 09:00 - 15:00, GMT+1.

Norwegian and international customer support:

Planning and Design

Phone: +47 67 81 70 50


Phone: +46 31 700 19 30




Swedish customer support:

Planning and Design and Geotechnical

Phone: +46 31 700 19 30

Danish customer support:

Planning and Design and Geotechnical

Phone: +45 89 30 47 50







Remote Assistance

TeamViewer is a remote access tool the support team apply to make it easy for people on the other end to receive support. 

Download TeamViewer

If you don’t have a support agreement, please contact