The civil engineering and construction industry world-wide is facing increasing challenges being responsible for our road, rail, port, airport, pipeline, power and other key infrastructure. All are expensive society-critical assets that require lifecycle focus and heavy investment. Substantial efficiency enhancements are required.

Trimble Construction Continuum


Trimble Construction Continuum

Trimble has proven to drive the evolution in digitizing and transforming the industry in order to maximize productivity and return on investment:

The Trimble Civil Construction Continuum represents an unmatched set of professional software and hardware solutions that lead the industry´s continuous struggle to increase efficiency – digital solutions for feasibility analysis, concept and detailed design, takeoff and estimation, scheduling and project management, construction execution, as well as solutions for operating and maintaining the infrastructure.

The model is key

The core information carrier in this never-ending continuum is the digital BIM model of the infrastructure – securing a streamlined dataflow in the project. The joint information model is designed, detailed, enriched and shared by all project members – providing collaborative advantages throughout the entire lifecycle. Being cloud-based and always up-to-date the detailed BIM model provides exceptional data and work flow at any time. The information accumulated is stored in an IT-secured environment where it is readily available, manageable and reusable – designed to be shared and updated in real-time.


Trimble's central BIM solution is key in this process, improving efficiency and productivity, whilst minimizing errors, waste and cost at every stage of the design. The solution is ready for BIM Level 3 – the most advanced state to date – ensuring competitive advantages long into the future.

An all-inclusive suite of integrated and proven civil engineering and construction tools, covering the whole continuum, is not only benefiting the individual project team members, they also improve collective work processes across the entire project lifecycle, providing optimal results for the project owner.

Building digital confidence

Trimble’s comprehensive portfolio of expert solutions enables you to improve efficiency through the use of proven model-based design and construction all along, providing constructible model confidence for all parties involved. With a forward-thinking continuum of solutions and services Trimble empowers the industry to plan, design and construct with digital confidence – giving customers control of their investments.

In brief: The Trimble Civil Construction Continuum provides all stakeholders with the confidence they need to get their job done right – on time and under budget – with a holistic range of solutions for every aspect and phase of the project.