Is your road/rail alignment the right alignment?

Whenever during an infrastructure project phase; tender, feasibility study or in the detail design stage, with whatever tool you are using - send the alignment directly back and forth to Quantm through the direct integration with Quadri. Check the realtime quantities, cost and CO2 emissions from construction and future traffic from the alignments you have designed. But is your alternative the optimal alignment considering all constraints? 

Run a validation of all feasible corridors to confirm the optimal placement of the project. The algorithm in Quantm helps you evaluate all sorts of constraints by applying quantities, geometry, cost, noise, structures, drainage, landscape, the algorithm automatically calculates and displays all possible corridors in just a few minutes. You can also add GIS and geology from helicopter scanning to reduce the overall risk of the project. 

Engineers can now challenge existing planning methods, test all kinds of scenarios and consequences. Empower your team with information to do optimal decisions with all necessary information. 


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