-The collaboration platform for all your infrastructure projects

Utilize Quadri as your collaboration platform across companies`- and national borders for all your infrastructure projects. Quadri Desktop to interact with the Quadri, must be purchased in addition. The desktop solution support all open formats, software-to-software integration with world leading vendors within infrastructure design. 

You have two on-premise deployment options:

A: Your Quadri server in-house computer. We support both physical and virtual environment. The customer alone is responsible for their 3’rd parties’ software, and maintenance of the database.

B: Your Quadri Cloud Solution hosted by our 3’rd parties’ vendor Evry. Deployed in a virtual cloud environment. 

The services are available through Internet/VPN. With the security of having trusted partners by your side; Trimble as your solutions provider and EVRY as your server provider; taking care of data storage, backup, and maintenance so you can focus on what you, do best - design and collaborate. Data storage is located in Norway. 

In your yearly subscription plan you can choose between standard Quadri on premise maintenance or extended Quadri on premise maintenance.

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