Trimble boosts Scandinavian transport authorities

Trimble, together with Triona, is developing model-based transport network solutions for all of the Norwegian Road, Rail and Coastal Administrations, as well as the Swedish Transport Administration.

In a relatively short time, Trimble and Triona have signed wide-ranging development contracts with the Norwegian and Swedish transport administrations.

From design to management
“We are very proud that both the Norwegian and Swedish transport authorities put their trust in our expertise and in our application tools”, says Idar Kirkhorn, managing director of Trimble's infrastructure activities in the Nordic Region. “It is very satisfying to see that our dedicated focus on tools and solutions that encompass the entire lifecycle of transport infrastructure, is bearing fruit. Not only for BIM design and construction, but also for operation and maintenance.”

The resulting, contracted transport network applications – now being developed in full by Trimble and Triona – are based on the respective transport administrations' independent specifications. The solutions are thus not identical, but they have many commonalities.

The system solutions are all realized by means of Triona´s server platform Transport Network Engine (TNE) and Trimble's new Transport Network Toolset (TNT), the latter based on the Novapoint and Quadri BIM tools. Triona is responsible for the server part of the solutions, while Trimble develops and customizes the client solutions to be used in the agencies' daily updating of the transport networks.

The new system solutions will partly replace the current systems, plus add significant new functionality.

Builds on ISO standard
Trimble´s TNT solution is basically a special, yet generic application toolkit that can be adapted to any transport network where information is stored in a node-link structure. The layout follows an international ISO standard for how the models are built up, stored and function. TNT's model is an expanded and advanced version of this data model and is therefore supporting all transport networks with such a structure.

The toolkit has evolved based on Trimble´s (f. Vianova Systems) long-time development and project experience with mission-critical, large transport and infrastructure solutions, both domestic and abroad.

Norwegian Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen)
Trimble has been a key contributor in the development of the National Roads Databank (NRDB) in Norway for many years – which in turn has led to the evolution of the new Transport Network Toolkit (TNT). NRDB is a Quadri-based model database containing detailed information on all Norwegian roads, and is actively used in the daily operation and maintenance of them.

Based on a renewed contract with the Roads Administration last year, Trimble and Triona, along with Kantega, are now operating and further developing the National Roads Databank for future requirements.

Over the past year Trimble and Triona have also been involved in the modernization of a similar NRDB road database for Trafikverket, the Swedish Transport Administration.

Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket)
ANDA is a high profile and large-scale rationalization measure in the Swedish Transport Administration´s BIM strategy. Trimble and Triona are now even developing the part of the ANDA solution that handles the transport network of Swedish roads and railways. ANDA will integrate all data that Trafikverket needs to plan, design, build, operate and maintain its road and rail infrastructure in the future.

Trimble's client part of the transport network solution is a model-based, visual user interface system, including tailored functionality so that the Transport Administration can effectively manage and operate their roads and rail networks in the best possible way.

According to the plan the ANDA solution is supposed to be finalized in the spring of 2017.

Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket)
Trimble and Triona have also signed a similar contract with the Norwegian Coastal Administration. But unlike a road and rail traffic network solution, the parties in this case are to submit a new system solution for the presentation and maintenance of coastal waterway data.

The solution here is based on interoperability between Triona´s Transport Network Engine (TNE), GeoServer for presenting waterway data in an existing web solution, and Trimble´s Transport Network Toolset (TNT) for managing and maintaining the waterway data.

Norwegian Rail Administration (Bane NOR)
Finally, based on the same TNE and TNT systems, Triona and Trimble in December 2016 also won the contract to deliver a new system for handling traffic-related railway line information for the Norwegian Rail Administration (Bane NOR).

Traffic-based railway line information is part of Bane NOR´s long-term Operational Traffic Information (OTI) project. In this delivery a new system is created to manage all traffic-related railway line information relevant for the operation of trains. The system will be a key source of data for other systems and users as well.