Quadri 2022 is released

New and fresh icons are finally here. You can now navigate in a new and fresh environment when working in Quadri. 

New: Quadri support of International foot and US Survey foot
New: Quadri support for Trimble Geodetic Library (US market only)

To learn more about the news in Quadri, see the on demand webinar.

Quality and performance enhancements

Several enhancements have been done to improve quality and performance

  • Standard conversion rules are improved
  • Feature Catalogs is stored with the project and is available with the model
  • Improved stability of object ID’s
  • Support 4K Screen resolution
  • Improved performance on large number of tasks in tasktree
  • Improved quantity calculations in table presentation. You can now also sort on geometry from the feature in the table presentation.

Data Formats

Extended support to other formats. Now you can publish to FBX and import GeoTiFF files.

Data Exchange

Data is key
New and refurbished integration to Civil 3D. Connect data and get valuable information. Now you can manage data from Civil 3D by a two-ways connection, meaning data can flow back and forth between Quadri and Civil 3D. Learn more about the connection between Civil 3D and Quadri

Connected Construction workflow in early planning phase
The new bidirectional connection between Quantm and Quadri reduces total planning time and provides faster data flow between scoping, concept, feasibility, detailed design and construction. Quantm can now receive terrain models and GIS data directly from Quadri, use this data to find the optimal road or railway alignment and make the alignment accessible to other users with access to the Quadri BIM model. Learn more about the connection

Simplify the work process with integration to Trimble Quest (Beta)
Send pay item and quantity information to the estimating tool, Trimble Quest for cost management. The modern, intuitive cost estimation platform tracks cost information throughout the project lifecycle and calculates accurate forecasts. Learn more about Trimble Quest