Trimble Novapoint Base serves as a common tool independently of discipline, handling the central Quadri model. In addition, licenses, module loading and common settings are managed from Novapoint Base.

Novapoint Base offers key functionality regarding modelling the existing situation, with ground and subsurface layer modelling, existing objects and mapping info, and many common utility functions. The Quadri model supports a large range of different import formats, including LandXML and DWG. Once a model of existing situation is established, the Novapoint Base module offers a wide range of tools for organizing and utilizing the information within the model.

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  • Model admin incl. processes & tasks
  • Classification of model data
  • Ready to connect to Quadri
  • Export & import – IFC, GML, LandXML, DWG, SHP, …
  • Tools for existing situation modelling
  • Model viewing
  • Stakeout data
  • Multidiscipline 3D Product Library


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