Quadri As A Service is our flexible cloud solution that eliminates all technical challenges and enables your team to collaborate . All you need to get started is to send us a list of participants and we will come back with credentials for you to log in and start working. Novapoint Base which interacts with the Quadri server must be purchased in addition. Novapoint Base supports all open formats, software-to-software integration with world leading vendors within infrastructure design.

What if all of this was easily available to you at a predictable price? 

With a flexible 3 months term of notice you can start and end the service with your project. With Trimble as your solutions provider and EVRY as your server provider; taking care of data storage, backup, and maintenance,  you can focus on what you do best - design and collaborate.

The monthly cost per named user includes server administration, data backup, named user slots and support. Data storage is located in Norway.

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