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When you subscribe you have instant access to the latest product releases and enhancements. Choose your product at right. Novapoint uses AutoCAD as its CAD-platform. In order to get access to the downloaded software, you need a licence file. Please contact for a license.

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Quadri 1.3.FP3a

To get the authorization code for Quadri 1.3.FP3a (new installations only), please contact us and send a mail to:

Do you design your projects using Novapoint and wish for model-based collaboration in the cloud with Quadri – continue reading:

Quadri «private cloud» is now available to install on a server in your organization. In order to use the Quadri 1.3.FP3a server, you must have Novapoint 19.30 or 19.35 as a client application. 

For some prior versions, you may have to upgrade to Quadri 1.3.F2c before you can upgrade to Quadri 1.3.F3aRead the instructions before upgrading Quadri

This version of Quadri address several stability and performance issues related to Reserve and Release.

Quadri 1.3.FP2c

This is an intermediate version that you will have to install if your very Quadri installation has its origin in a version prior to Quadri 1.3. See: for detailed information.