What if you could use all the benefits of Quadri - our cloud-based BIM server solution without having to facilitate a server?

What if you could share and receive other’s work continuously, hence substantially increasing productivity and quality!

What if you can have a BIM design server on a project level, making collaboration over company boarders seamless?

What if all of this was available to you for € 110 per user and month!

Quadri as a Service

Quadri as a service is our super flexible cloud solution which eliminates all technical challenges and enables your team to have a collaboration environment on a “per project basis” fast. You just send us a list of participants for the project and we’ll come back with credentials for you to log in and start working.

Predictable price model

With a flexible 3 months term of notice you can start and end the service with your project and just pay for the service you need. The monthly cost is € 110 per user and month, everything included: Managed virtual server, server administration, data backup, userslots and support. Send us an email or call us and we will get you started!  - All you need is a link to click on and you are up and running!  

Rent Quadri as a cloud service and avoid all technical challenges! Let us take care of the maintenance so that you can concentrate on what you do best!


Some questions and answers about Quadri As A Service:

How will I get started?

You will get an email with a link and user ID.

How will I get access to my models?

By loging in you will get access to the models you need.

Who will manage the administration of server?

We will configure and manage the Quadri Model Manager

Where is the server physically?

Your data will be saved on an EVRY-server at a cavern in Gjøvik, Norway

Do I have the possibility to access more than one project?

Yes, you can be part of as many projects as you need

How will my work be saved and backup?

With Quadri you will have a secure working station with proper backup of your models all safely stored on the Evry-Server

Is user support included?

Yes, standard user support is included in the price

Do I have access to the latest version of Quadri if I sign

Yes the latest upgrade will always be available to you as soon as it´s been released. We will use the service window in the agreement when we plan the update.

What if my company already has a Quadri server?

You can still use Quadri As A Service model if you wish to set up additional environment.

How will I be invoiced?

The fee will be invoiced monthly and is due 30 days from invoice date.

How can I end my contract?

There is 3 months notification in case of termination of contracts

Is it possible to import/export to/from the service?

Yes, If you have a local project on your computer or an existing Quadri-project on a server it’s possible to import it as a start. It’s also possible to export the complete model and transfer to another server or for archiving purposes.

What is the difference between a ”Cloud service agreement” and “Quadri as a service”?

A Cloud service agreement is an agreement between you and our server host partner EVRY, you are responsible for software upgrades and all management of the server (model and user management, restore backups etc). We are just providing the Quadri-server software.

When Quadri as a service is used we take care of all that for you and your team can focus on the project.

When to use “Quadri as a service” and not?

Quadri as a service is the perfect choice if you prefer flexibility and if you like to spend more time on the project and less on IT-management. Another example is if your organization doesn’t do design work all year around.