Quadri 2.0 FP1 - is now available

New Quadri-version is now ready for download

As part of our rebranding to Trimble, the name of the product is changed from QuadriDCM to Trimble Quadri.

  • Each project in a Quadri model has a defined Area of interest, for that actual project. The analyzes done by the system to detect if data was inside or outside area of interest is now improved. This is particularly important when you have defined multiple projects in the same Quadri model
  • In situations where share/receive failed, the change was sometimes only partly committed and could lead to mismatch between model on server and model locally. You could then get the message “Cannot merge incomplete serve task types”.  This is now fixed
  • The error message: “Cannot handle feature version, it is marked as incomplete”, would appear if your workset contained incomplete features. To protect worksets against illegal modifications the reserve function will from now on ignore incomplete features, this will ensure that no incomplete features can be modified.
  • Some customers have experienced issues when working with projects that has a name that contains the character ‘.’(dot). To prevent such issues this version deny the use of ‘.’ in project name.



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