Trimble provides the industry with a continuum of services and solutions built for success, so our customers can approach every project with unmatched confidence.

Trimble's unique BIM solution for civil engineering and construction projects significantly improves efficiency and productivity, while minimizing errors, waste and cost at every stage of the project – from planning and design, to construction, operation and maintenance. 

Trimble Construction Continuum


The solution is ready for BIM Level 3 – the most advanced state to date, allowing the model data to be used, extended and evolved throughout the complete project lifecycle by all stakeholders. The shared, single project civil BIM model is enriched at every stage and, with Trimble´s specialized design and productivity tools, bring you workflow efficiency and quality gains – all the way through the value chain.

A suite of integrated and proven expert tools not only benefit the individual project team members and different project phases, they also improve collective work processes across the entire project lifecycle, providing optimal results for the project owner.